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How Does Juristat Work?

Juristat's proprietary algorithm transforms raw patent data pulled from the USPTO's public databases into actionable analytics that can be used to guide and support patent prosecution decision making and strategy.

Each Juristat Examiner Report instantly tells you:

Juristat processes these massive data sets published by the USPTO using proprietary algorithms that organize and analyze prosecution events and decision-making patterns of each patent examiner.

How to Use Juristat

Juristat requires no technical expertise or statistical skill. Juristat does all the work for you. If you are using our Examiner Reports, simply enter the name of the examiner you would like more information on, and Juristat will instantly provide you a full report of straightforward information and insight that you can use in your patent case. Contact us if you are looking for more bespoke analytics like a client development report that shows how your prosecution practice stacks up against the competition.

Juristat's Customers

Patent Attorneys & Agents

Solo practitioners and firms with any size patent practice can benefit by using Juristat products to gain an edge over less technology-savvy competitors. We've found clients increasingly demanding their attorneys or agents use a tool to make data-driven prosecution decisions. Our tools improve client outcomes, help manage client expectations, maximize profitability in both hourly and flat fee arrangements, and ease business development efforts.

In-House Counsel

In-house counsel can use Juristat tools to assist in intellectual property budget management, assure that outside counsel make statistically sound prosecution decisions, minimize costs, decrease time from filing to allowance, and improve overall allowance rates.

Patent Law Scholars & Academics

Academics and patent professionals interested in scholarship (i.e., drafting a journal article, symposium presentation, or blog post) relating to any aspect of the patent prosecution process can use our tools free of charge to include verifiable statistics in their work. In addition, our data scientists are available for bespoke analytics relevant to your pursuit.

Other Patent Professionals

Finally, our tools are useful to anyone involved in intellectual property management, including patent portfolio valuation or analysis professionals, intellectual property litigators, venture capital and investment professionals, potential licensors/licensees of patent-protected technology, and corporate intellectual property professionals.

Juristat transforms raw patent application data into actionable analytics allowing you to optimize prosecution and marketing strategies.

Our union of artificial intelligence, big data, and an unparalleled understanding of the U.S. patent system provides prosecutors with the expertise to maximize allowances, manage client expectations, and dominate the competition.